Ari Poutiaisen Stringprovisation-kirjasta arvostelu Strings-lehdessä

Ari Poutiaisen väitöskirjasta Stringprovisation – A Fingering Strategy for Jazz Violin Improvisation (Acta Musicologica Fennica 28) on kirja-arvostelu laajalevikkisen Strings-aikakausilehden tammikuun numerossa. Tässä arvostelu:

Stringprovisation: A Fingering Strategy for Jazz Violin Improvisation
by Ari Poutiainen. Finnish Musicological Society, €30.

In Stringprovisation, Finnish violinist, composer, and researcher Ari Poutiainen argues the need for new approaches to teaching jazz violin
and presents his own new approach to jazz fingering. The book, which was Poutiainen’s dissertation, is an academic text, but offers
practical ideas, exercises, and improvisation tips that should appeal to players and teachers outside of academia.

In the first section, Poutiainen discusses and critiques the publications of other string pedagogues, taking the stance that the
contemporary pedagogy for jazz violin does not, but should, take advantage of classical violin literature and other sources outside of
the jazz realm. He urges jazz violinists to use more of the fingerboard. He also believes students should not let intonation challenges guide their improvisation.

The second, and more engaging, section focuses on Poutiainen’s fingering approach and provides detailed examples for learning his
techniques. Especially interesting are the annotated solos in which Poutiainen breaks down two solos into two- to 15-measure sections. He
explains the note and fingering choices for each section, referencing the patterns and techniques provided throughout the book. Although
it’s not a method or exercise book in the strict sense, the ideas and examples provided in Stringprovisation should be useful to those
interested in serious jazz violin studies. —Lyzy Lusterman

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